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Why is Marketing so Important?

Digital marketing helps brands reach their target audience and promote their product or service. While that’s the goal of a traditional marketing campaign too, digital marketing allows brands to target a more specific or niche audience. Connecting with customers digitally helps build a wider audience that trusts your brand. It’s particularly useful for small businesses, which can easily leverage digital marketing tactics without the help of a marketing department or agency.

The undeniable reach of digital mediums means that a business can access a large audience for its products and services. Compare the reach of an ad in a local newspaper versus a post on social media. That ad will only be limited to the newspaper’s subscribers, and for each day you run it, that’s money out of your marketing budget. The post can reach anyone on the platform, and you don’t pay for each day it’s on your profile.

With the right digital marketing tools, FIG can track many metrics that give him a fair idea of how well his digital marketing campaign is doing. FIG can track in real-time, so we have the option to optimize the campaigns mid-way. We can measure the ROI for each digital marketing campaign. This means that everything is tracked so there isn't any money being spent unwisely.

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